Washington State Superior Court Judges’ Association

Technology Committee

Our Technology Committee is charged with:

  • Identify needs and priorities for court information technology only as they relate to trial courts, and advise the SCJA concerning those needs and priorities.
  • Maintain a forum for discussion of technology developments in the trial courts including technologies that may be used in the trial courtroom and technology related legislation that may affect trial courtroom procedures.
  • Maintain liaison with the JIS Committee JISC-, and provide input to the Association’s JISC representatives on policy issues.
  • Promote technology training for judges.

Committee C0-Chairs

Judge Diana Kiesel
Judge Christon C. Skinner

Committee Members

Judge Sharonda D. Amamilo
Judge William L. Dixon V
Commissioner Lynn K. Fleischbein
Commissioner Susan E. Harness
Judge Jennifer R. Langbehn
Judge Elizabeth Yost Neidzwski
Judge Laura M. Riquelme
Commissioner Kim S.M. Solomon
Commissioner Nicole Wagner
Judge Coreen Wilson

AOC Contact
Allison Lee Muller
Admin. Office of the Courts
PO Box 41170, Olympia, WA 98504-1170