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We offer below some informational resources to help discuss our leadership and our projects, and to act as an essential, relevant resource for those involved.

Learn about how nutrition, movement, and exercise can all be used to positively impact quality of life, body composition, and help manage stress with nutritional expert and personal trainer and former private contract lobbyist Joanie Nacke.

This webinar is a conversation between Retired Judge Helen Halpert and Commissioner Michelle Ressa. The focus of this webinar is on the benefits of consultative collegiality and communication in terms of a judges’ well-being, and how these tools improve one’s effectiveness and relationships, including with staff. In preparation for this webinar, attendees were encouraged to read “Collegiality Among Judges: No More High Noons” by Helen V. Collier.

The Superior Court Judges’ Association Work-Life Balance Workgroup hosted Dr. Cameron Randall of the University of Washington School of Dentistry to talk to judicial officers about types of stress, managing stress, and keys to quality sleep. This webinar was held on February 24, 2023.

A conversation with, and performance by, Seattle Symphony Cellist Eric Han. The Superior Court Judges’ Association’s (SCJA) Work-Life Balance committee hosted a conversation and performance by Seattle Symphony Cellist Eric Han. Judge Katie Loring facilitates the discussion with Q&A and explores topics both judicial officers and musicians encounter in their profession, such as concentration and coping.

The Superior Court Judges Association (SCJA) Work-Life Balance Committee (WLB) presents “The Power of Rest” with Eliza Bishop: How do we resist the hustle and grind culture that is so endemic in our society? What does rest mean to you? How do you rest an overactive mind? How do you release residual trauma? How do you move through anxiety?

The Superior Court Judges’ Association (SCJA) Work-Life Balance Committee presents “Guided Visualization & Journaling with Dr. Serene Shereef.” This session gives you the opportunity to further your mindfulness skills while learning (or re-learning) the benefits of journaling. The session will work on tools to reduce anxiety, stress and overwhelm. This is perfect timing as we move into holidays and the end of the year crunch, and as we think about goals for the new year!